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Banner Users Group
Adhoc Commitee
Meeting Results

    The purpose of the adhoc committee meeting was to lay some initial groundwork toward establishing a Mississippi Banner Users Group conference. Among the potential benefits of establishing such a conference:
  • Opportunity for Mississippi Banner users to network with each other, and discuss common issues
  • Stronger voice for our concerns on the SCT agenda
  • Less travel costs mean more people from each institution have an opportunity to attend and benefit
  • Opportunity to review related technologies which enhance and build upon Banner functionality

Goals and Tasks
    One of the major areas of concern, and the first task which needs to be tackled, is the development of a charter. Jim Rhodes, along with Robert Smith of MGCCC, Danny Kemp of Mississippi State and Rusty Applegate of Delta State, have been appointed the task of drafting the initial Articles of Incorporation to formally establish this users group as a non-profit organization, and By-Laws to define and govern its operation. Jim will email this first draft to the adhoc committee members and present it at our meeting at Summit.

Another task is the development of this website, which will serve as a primary information resource for communication within our group. It will include information about the conference as it develops, contact information for each of the Banner user institutions, and some kind of list serve or bulletin board. Felicia Harried has agreed to serve as webmaster, with help from Danny Kemp, Rusty Applegate and others in the group.

What Each School Needs
To Do BEFORE Summit
    There are five basic things each institution will need to do prior to Summit. Each item is explained in greater detail below. Meet with Summit attendees to inform them of this website, the formation of the user group, and the Mississippi meeting at Summit
  • Submit nominations for officers in the User Group if desired
  • Submit name(s) of individuals who wish to serve on the program committee
  • Select a voting delegate to cast the ballot for the institution at the Summit meeting
  • Begin brainstorming possible session topics for the MBUG conference, tentatively scheduled for September

Election of Officers
    One of the items on the agenda for our meeting at Summit is the election of officers for the User Group. These officers will be officially installed once the charter and by-laws are finalized.

The adhoc committee has hashed out the details of how this first election will take place. There are four positions which must be filled: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. No school will have more than one (1) officer on the board at any given time. Elections will be held annually.

Each institution may nominate one individual for each position. Nominations from each institution should be emailed to Rusty Applegate no later than March 19. Rusty has sent detailed instructions to the primary contacts at each school also, and primary contacts are expected to disseminate this information to the user community on their campuses.

The nominees for each position will be posted to the website for everyone to review. Each institution will have one vote, and needs to select one voting delegate to cast their collective ballot at our meeting at Summit.

At the meeting, the nominees will be introduced, and the voting delegates will cast their ballots at that time. The newly elected officers will be profiled on the website.

Conference Session Suggestions
    It's not too soon to start thinking about hot topics you'd like to discuss at our first conference in September. From registration to W-2's, and all the Mississippi reporting requirements in between... we users have a lot we need to talk about. But we need your ideas early so we can schedule presenters to give you exactly what you need. The conference will include both SCT representatives as well as presenters from various schools, and sessions will cover functional as well as technical issues. So put your ideas on the table!

What's In A Name?
    As long as you've got your thinking caps on, this users group needs a name. And not just any name. We're looking for a name befitting the progressive, innovative organization we're forming. Already we've had several suggestions tossed around and some that were just plain tossed. Felicia Harried will give you more details on how we'll land on a name at our Summit meeting. Info will also be posted to this website. Get those creative juices flowing!

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